International Girlband #07 – December 2020

International Girlband’s monthly favorite games!

The International Girlband aims to promote Women into the boardgame community. For the occasion, every woman will present you their monthly favorite game, the one they most played, the one they loved to discover, in a word their own nugget ! 

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During these troubled times, when you can´t meet friends and family to the same extent, solo and two player games are ideal. My game of the month is consequently Dinoblivion, a pretty recent release that is both a great solo game as well as a delightfully fun two player game, designed by Jean-François Gauthier and published by Goblivion Games.

Dinoblivion is a deck building, tableau building, and resource management game where you try to give your tribe of humans a chance to survive in this newfound land, plentiful with food and water, but with the unfortunate downside of being inhabited by quite unfriendly dinosaurs. To win the game you need to gain more points than your opponent by expanding your tribe and building totems as well as by gathering dinosaur eggs, a rather precarious endeavor as one might imagine.

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There are two types of cards in the game, clan cards and action cards. The clan cards are multi-use cards that make up your tableau and that allow you to hunt, fight, mate, use specific powers and play action cards from your hand. The management and optimization of your clan card tableau is therefore the focal point of the game because if you succeed in creating a well-tuned game engine you will be able to initiate fairly powerful combos that could very well win you the game.

I find Dinoblivion to be both super tense and highly entertaining as you compete against your fellow opponent in both dinosaur fighting and egg collecting with the ultimate goal of amassing most points before the game ends. What I additionally want to highlight is the wonderful and playful look of Dinoblivion. The art is colorful and loopy but also well attuned to the game’s somewhat ludicrous theme. So, to sum up, as long as you aren’t nitpicky about historical accuracy, I wholeheartedly recommend this game of strategic engine building and silly dinosaur fighting fun.

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My game of the month is the roll & write edition from TROYES: TROYES DICE.

TROYES from Pearlgames came out in 2010 and conquered many board game tables with its‘ clever mechanic. You use dice as workers in your town but the dice you collect and place are not your own. Everybody can use these dice to do actions and build their own city. Now the big game has a little brother: A roll & write version of the dicegame. As I like more complex roll & write games and I really loved TROYES this little game had to become part of my collection.

And what can I say: I love every bit of TROYES DICE.

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You have to carefully chose dice over 8 rounds. Each round is split into a morning and afternoon phase. The dice are available for all the players and you can do different things with them. Built your city, make money or get more influence. There are three white dice and one black die. This die is bad, because you cannot pick him and after the third round the black die is burning! Yes you heard right. Every field on your sheet which is not protected by then is burned down if it has the same number on it as the black die. So you have to chose wisely which buildings you protect. This brings a lot of variety to this very cool roll & write game.

I´m afraid that the paper for this game will run out soon as we played it a lot of times during the last month. It is complex.. but not to much for advanced gamers. It is super-modular because you have some little extra-tiles in the box and you can always use a different number for the 6 different rows of the city. TROYES DICE can be played solo as well and is much fun then too. Let´s roll some dice and burn down some cities… wait… what.

Just roll the dice and have fun with TROYES DICE. You will not regret adding this game to your collection.

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Will your wishlist be the first one to arrive at Santas house at the Northpole?

My favorite game of the month is « Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann – Mein Wunschzettel » („Santa Claus is coming tomorrow- My Wishlist) designed by Seiji Kanai.

It is a wonderful holiday version of „Love Letter“ and unfortunately only available in German. 

How to play?
It is of course played with the commonly known „Love Letter“ mechanism. On a turn each player draws a card and then plays one of the two cards from their hand, trying to expose and eliminate other players with a card’s special effect.

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Why is this my monthly favorite?
It is a simple yet fun game and my family plays it a lot during holiday season. I generally love Christmas themed games and that Version of „Love Letter“ really brings some holiday spirit!

I absolutely love the cute Christmas artwork by Robb Miller and the tiny wooden Christmas trees are so adorable.

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My favorite game of the month is the cooperation game “Escape Room: The Game” a game for 3 to 5 players which should take you maximum an hour, since by then your time is literally up! So-called a game for 16+ but both my kids (aged 10 and 13) enjoyed playing this as well.

How to play? “Escape Room: The Game” contains 4 different escape room puzzles, each with another level of difficulty. Best to start off with the easiest one or you get lost soon! In each escape room you need to solve 3 stages by inserting the 4 correct numbers into the center piece of this game, the so-called “Chrono Decoder” which is counting down from 60 to 0.

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Did you enter the wrong answer? Then you loose a precious minute of time! Did you enter the correct number? Then you hear a lovely ‘ping’ sound which means you can open the next part and move on. Did you enter all 3 stages correctly before reaching 0 minutes? Then you all win! Are you getting stuck somewhere? No worries, every now and then you may check a hint card to be able to move on instead of becoming frustrated!

Why is it my monthly favorite? “Escape Room: The Game” is just so much fun! It’s definitely true that you need to be with at least 3 people, because sometimes there’s just so much to do in order to move forward. We played this with 4 to 5 people up to now and it has been a thrill of a ride every time! Laughing nervously, stressing out, giving each other orders, working together as a team. This is really a game I would recommend everyone! The only disadvantage is that after having played all 4 scenarios you need to stuck this game away for a loooong time before being able to play it again. Ideal Christmas present maybe? 😉

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In Kłębuszki (yarn balls)from Zielona Sowa publishing we acquire yarn and toy cards from the display to get highest-scoring contract cards. Each round, sixteen loot cards (with yarn / s or a toy) and 10 orders are placed in the display. The players place their markers on the edges between two loot cards. At the end of the round it is determined to whom each cart will be given. The player with the most markers around a card gains it.

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Once all the loot cards have been allocated, it’s time to fulfill contracts. Players take turns getting one contract per turn until they all pass their turn. After 6 rounds, the winner is the player with the highest total value of fulfilled contracts.

Kłębuszki has really nice illustrations, but don’t get deceived by the theme. The fight for the domination over loot cards can get fierce. Especially when there is a shortage of one of the colors of the yarn. On the other hand it can as well be played with 6+ yo. children, since the rules are easy to grasp. Very good game for us. 🙂

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