International Girlband #04 – September 2020

International Girlband’s monthly favorite games!

The International Girlband aims to promote Women into the boardgame community. For the occasion, every woman will present you their monthly favorite game, the one they most played, the one they loved to discover, in a word their own nugget ! 

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My game of the month is Regality vs Religion: Revolution, or RRR for short, because it contains two things I love, at least when it comes to gaming, and that is Deceit and Head-to-Head Confrontation.

In RRR, each player assumes the role of the Leader aligned to either Regality or Religion that will engage one another in a sly, political struggle, filled with trickery and intrigue, in order to gain control of the realm. The conflict is mainly fought with tiles on a 3×3 square grid gameboard depicting the kingdom. On your turn you will place an ally tile somewhere in the kingdom and then apply its effect. And this is where it really gets interesting, because almost all allies have a unique power that potentially could affect the game state in a major way. This means that you’ll never be truly safe, that everything everywhere is in a state of constant turmoil, and that your prayers will appear to be the only thing keeping you from certain defeat.

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But that is not entirely true, because in addition to your prayers you will also be able to conceive intricate, cunning plans and at least semi-solid strategies in order to defeat your opponent. And remember, show no mercy, use the charisma and magical abilities available to you in order to rally those loyal to you, and wipe the rest right off the map. Position yourself cleverly, protect your rear and try to anticipate your enemy’s every move while you strive to keep your overall strategy afloat. RRR is exciting, tense and quite short, all in all a great game that for sure will make enemies out of friends, at least temporarily…
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4 flames are burning. Rain is pouring. Can you protect the 4 flames from the rain?

My game of the month is called WOLKENBRUCH and it is my third game as a boardgame designer and publisher. I could not be happier to see the way this cooperative cardgame turned out. It was released by my studio Dachshund Games a few days back.

Losing is not my strong suit, so I designed WOLKENBRUCH to keep peace in my marriage as me and my husband love cooperative games like Pandemic and The Grizzled.

We used streetart as an inspiration for the sweet artwork oft he cards, but the game itself is very challenging and has a lot to offer the 1 to 4 players.

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1 to 4 players try to protect 4 burning flames from falling rain in this cooperative cardgame. At a players turn you spend action points to perform a variety of actions, always working as a team. At the end of each turn you need to play a card from your hand to the matching flame. And then the Wolkenbruch-deck adds more cards into play.

You and your team need to collect 5 raincards of each colour to protect the matching flame with an umbrella to win the game.

WOLKENBRUCH comes with a lot of special event-cards and every player has a unique power which gives her or him new actions. The game can be played solo and has 10 different scales of difficulty levels to offer. This game never gets boring and is totally challenging. WOLKENBRUCH is the concept of Pandemic morphed into a small box.

Always remember: And when the rain begins to fall, I´ll be the sunshine in your life…

WOLKENBRUCH was released in Germany on August 26th and I hope I will find a localiziation partner for other countries as well. The German first edition can be ordered at the Dachshund Games Online-Shop.

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My favorite game of the month is « Bluff » designed by Richard Borg. In this bluffing game, each player tries to lie, cheat and guess for the win.

How to play?
Each player starts with rolling 5 dice hidden under a cup. Everyone may secretly look at their own dice.
One player must place an opening bid on the board. How many dice of a particular number are hidden under all the cups? The next player must raise the bet or challenge it. To raise it, the player must bid a higher number on the dice or keep the number and raise the amount of dice in the game. The bids must be raised until someone decides to challenge. To resolve a challenge, all players lift their cups. The dice are counted. The bidder loses dice if the challenger is correct and the challenger loses dice if the bidder is correct. A new round begins and the remaining dice are rolled.

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Why is this my monthly favorite?
« Bluff » is a clever and fun dice game and a classic in my collection. We often play it again and again and again.. It works best with a group of 5 or six players.

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My favorite game of the month is a medium strategic worker placement game “Rajas of the Ganges”, which can be played with 2 to 4 players and takes about 1 hour.

How to play? In “Rajas of the Ganges” you race against each other by placing your workers on the various spots on the board (palace, harbor, market or quarry) and paying those actions by using a certain value, color and number of dice and/or by paying with money. Besides the general board every person builds on his/her own personal palace by placing land tiles with markets or temples on them. Markets reward you with money while temples give you fame. The goal of the game is to advance on both tracks represented on the main board: the money track and the fame track. The end of the game is reached as soon as one player’s fame and money markers cross each other. Once that’s happened all the other players get one more turn in order to try to have their markers cross each other as well. The player with the highest amount of difference between the two crossed markers, wins the game!

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Why is it my monthly favorite? The fact that you need to advance in both money and fame in order to win this game is a totally new concept for me. You can end up having your two markers cross each other either being rich but low in fame, or highly famous and poor, or somewhere in the middle. This all depends on the strategy you decide to follow, which makes it so much fun and makes it a game with high replayability! Also the fact of constructing your own palace by laying tiles and paying actions with those colorful dice is fun. And last but definitely not least: all the components just look stunning! For example the first player token is an adorable looking little elephant : -) I’m a big fan of this game and would recommend it to everyone!

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I would like to present one of my favorite painting-related board games, which is Montmartre from the Polish publisher The French version was released by Blam.

It is a game in which we are painters in Paris and we try to attract an attention of patrons, and of course earn our bread and butter.

The game features a well-known mechanic, which is a set collection and there is even two levels of it. We collect painting cards, and with them we can do two things. We can simply sell them for money or we can also get high profile collectors interested in our work. The more different collectors, the better the contract with the press we will get. Everything, of course, translates into money.

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The graphics in the game is very sublime, delicate and perfectly reflecting the inspiring atmosphere of the Parisian hill, in the heart of the bohemia. I honestly admit, this subject in games is one of my favorites, and the content of the cards immediately attracted attention.

My impressions are very positive. Montmartre has two separate variants: one for the game for two players and the other for three and four. Each of them has their own advantages.

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My favourite game of the last few weeks is the brand new Welcome to New Las Vegas. The Dutch version just arrived! We love ‘Welcome to’. It’s definitely one of the best draw & write/flip & write games so far! We couldn’t wait to try this new base game!
How to play? Welcome to New Las Vegas has the same base rules as Welcome to, but this time you are in Las Vegas. Did you think there was a lot to think of with Welcome to? Think again. In Welcome to New Las Vegas, you use twó sheets, one with the map and the other one to keep track of the score and objectives. You are going to build and open casinos, hotels and golf courses and you want to give performances and move limousines for VIPs. Can you build the greatest and most entertaining city of all time?

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Why is this my monthly favourite?  Welcome to New Las Vegas has a lot more options then Welcome To. If you’re new to this game, I would start with Welcome to, but if you’re in for a challenge and you want more, you should definitely try Welcome to New Las Vegas! We love this game! Brings us back to the USA in this crazy ‘times without traveling’. 
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