International Girlband #02 – July 2020

International Girlband’s monthly favorite games!

The International Girlband aims to promote Women into the boardgame community. For the occasion, every woman will present you their monthly favorite game, the one they most played, the one they loved to discover, in a word their own nugget ! 

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My favorite game for June is Fairy Trails, a 2-player game designed by Uwe Rosenberg and published in France by Funforge.

This new release lets you enter a wonderful fairy world filled with both elves and gnomes, and even an enchanted forest to boot. Your main goal is to place all your stones on the houses you’ll find next to the hidden paths before your opponent does the same. To achieve this goal, you play cards that expand these paths or complete them, and upon every path completion you get to place one stone on each of the connected houses, and that’s about it. The game is dead simple, but also fun to play. Your main goal will always be to expand your networks further while also trying to take advantage of your opponent’s paths. It is a wonderful feeling to both be able to hinder your opponent from completing a path while completing one yourself, and in doing so getting rid of some additional stones.

So why is this my monthly fav? Well, mostly because it plays quickly, and that it is really easy to understand. The game also runs very smoothly and, while being rather abstract, it still succeeds in appearing quite thematic, like there was some inherent magic lurking in the stones. Additionally, it is very cute and such a treat to play, so yeah, I do love it!

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My favorite game of the month is « Mr. Jack » designed by Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc.
In this two player deduction game, one player represents Jack the Ripper in disguise of one of eight characters on the board. 
The other player is the investigator, trying to figure out the identity of Jack the Ripper. 
How to play? 
In each round both players choose wich of the characters on the board they want to move. All the characters have special powers.
Although it is dark in the streets of London, the characters can be visible in the light of the street lamps. After each round Jack declares whether he is visible or not. 
The investigator tries to detect Jack the Ripper before he can escape.
Why is this my monthly favorite? 
« Mr. Jack » is a clever, logic and intuitive game with a great dark setting. Escaping from London as Jack can be hard. It really gets me into analysis paralysis sometimes. 
And there not so many two player deduction games, are there? 

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My game of the month is called NACHTSCHWÄRMER. This game accompanied me for the whole June, because it is my own game. As some of you know I founded my own little boardgame studio in 2019 and I am designing boardgames for a living now and try to bring passion and some love to the world.

In Nachtschwärmer you try to be the first one to reach a source of light in the middle of the table with your own colourful moth. The most beautiful creatures of the night.

Nachtschwärmer is a fast dice-game which comes to you in a small box. The main-actor in this game are: Coaster. They have a great haptic feeling and just look awesome. Everything in this game is selfmade. The artwork, the box, the graphic-design. Even the packaging. We did it from our living room and also were signing the rule-books by hand.

Nachtschwärmer is a design-product, 100% selfmade (without plastic) and also a fast and sweet dice-game with coasters, which become moths and sources of light. A game for a bigger audience does not always have a ton of miniatures and needs to weight about 4 kilograms. You also can spread love and passion and show off your creativity with just a small box and 2 components. Nachtschwärmer is for all the people who like to go out, have fun in bars and clubs, meet friends, have a good laugh and a sparkling drink. It is also playable as a drinking-game and has about 3 other variants of rules which are available on our homepage

The first 100 sets of Nachtschwärmer will be sold in a Deluxe Set called „Morgenröte“ and consist of a fancy canvas tote bag, a numbered art-print and a design bottle opener. Just the perfect set to get you through a playful night. Play, laugh, live and love. This is what we want the people to do. Life is to short for bad games and as this game was present the whole last month it is clearly my game of the month and will hopefully fly to your tables soon

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My favourite game of the last few weeks is Food Chain Magnate. Add wooden burgers and pizzas to your heavy game and you get me REALLY EXCITED! Food Chain Magnate is the number 28 in BoardGameGeek’s top 100 board games ánd it’s made by 2 Dutch guys, so we couldn’t wait to play this game. It’s just everything I hoped for.

How to play? In Food Chain Magnate, you’re building your own fastfood imperium. You hire people, you have to take care of the marketing and sales and you have to make sure that there’s enough food in your restaurant. There’s no luck in this game so you have to be sure about all your decisions.

Why is this my monthly favourite? There are a lot of rules, but the gameplay is very smooth. Also, there are many ways to win this game. The fifties look, the wooden tokens, the engine building… I love everything about it!

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My favorite game of the month is: Mū, a light strategic game for 1 – 5 players (± 30 minutes) in which you try to fulfill your 5 projects by building a total of 9 buildings on your 3 x 3 gridlined island board. I had the chance to win this game last month, but to be honest, I had never heard of it before! The game just came out last year and isn’t all that known yet.

How to play? In Mū you first need to divide the project cards between all players by choosing one, keeping a second as back-up and passing the rest. This until everyone has its 5 project cards in front of them. Once that has been done, the real game begins! Just like before, every person draws 4 building cards of which they decide which one to build and which one to pass on. Every time you place a building that fits one or more source symbols drawn on your island board or on an adjacent building, you receive one or more source tokens that you can use to ‘power up’ one of your project cards. Once a project cards is fully powered, it is active and will give you an extra power during the game and/or victory points at the end of the game! Also after building the third, sixth and ninth building, a battle takes place in a certain column or row, and you need to compare your battling strengths. The player with the most strength gains 3 victory points, the others receive a damage point for that column or row. In case you loose 2 battles and the damage points cross each other on the board, one of your buildings will be destroyed.

Why is it my monthly favorite? At first sight the game confused me a bit with all the passing of those cards, but once the game was rolling, I was really sucked into it! Such a nice gameplay with those source tokens you can gather by placing a building that ‘fits’ the source symbol(s). The fact that you need to focus on several things at the same time is also really nice: preparing for the upcoming battles, trying to fulfill your personal missions, not forgetting to gather enough food for your buildings at the end of the game. For me this game isn’t like anything I had ever played before, that’s why it has become my monthly favorite!

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