International Girlband #01 – Juin 2020

International Girlband’s monthly favorite games!

The International Girlband aims to promote Women into the boardgame community. For the occasion, every woman will present you their monthly favorite game, the one they most played, the one they loved to discover, in a word their own nugget ! 

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My game of the month is Proving Grounds, by Renegade Game Studios, where you take upon the role of Maia Coeur Ardent, the heir to the Sun Throne, who has to fight her enemies in order to demonstrate her legitimacy as her mother´s successor. To that end you will engage in combat with your opponents by frantically rolling a bunch of dice. Each round you only one minute to obtain the optimal dice combination to efficiently confront and ultimately defeat your foes.

Why is it my favorite of the month?
Well, I’m not used to play solo games, but Proving Grounds really won me over, thanks in great part to the quick setup and its thoroughly delightful gameplay. The game runs smoothly and it is very immersive. The story of Maia and her desperate struggles trying to secure the throne is rigorously embedded in the engaging gameplay and the app assists further by accentuating the atmosphere in the arena and the urgency of the task at hand. You will therefore associate yourself with the role and really do your utmost to beat your enemies and achieve victory. The game is highly stressful, due to the time pressure, but also very enjoyable, at least when you triumphantly succeed in killing your foes. I do love the challenge and the opportunity to play with a female character, which is not common in most games of the genre. The proverbial « cherry on the top », which makes this game even better, are the six different modules that the rulebook provides, because increased difficulty as well as variable game modes adds greatly to the replayability of the game.

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5 Legs, 3 Eyes, 1 Arm!
My favorite game of the month is Monster Match designed by Ken Gruhl and Quentin Weir. 
In this fun speed game every player needs to find a monster with the right amount of body parts. 
How to play? 
10 Monster cards are scattered on the table. When the monster dice is rolled, claim a matching monster with your finger. With a correct match, you get donut points, you lose donuts with an incorrect claim. 
The game ends when the monster deck is empty and the player with the most donuts wins. 🍩
Why is this my monthly favorite? 
I always love a good speed game and I really like the dice rolling in this one. Monster Match is a great start for game night and is fun for both children and adults. It’s less frustrating than most speed games since more than one player can make a match at a time. And the packaging is unique and the artwork is adorable! 

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My game of the month is STEAMOPOLIS from the German publisher Corax Games. It is an engine builder /workerplacement game where you try to become the mayor of a real cool steampunk town called Steamopolis.

I have a very special connection to this game because I was one of the first persons to try the naked prototype together with the sweet author in 2017 and after 2 years I was finally able to see how all components and artwork came together and formed a cool eurogame with a deep strategy.

In Steamopolis you gather ressources from the city to heat up your bad ass airship and try to decorate it with colourful banners. These banners give you points. Whoever hast he most points in the end wins the game. There is no, « final scoring ». Everybody can see how many points an opponent has, which makes the game even more exciting and sometimes it becomes a real race. The rulebook is about 40 pages long and can scare away newbies but the game itself has very clear mechanics. You heat up your airship, gain ressources to buy cool banners from the market. Life can be so easy in a steampunk-world, right?!

The artwork of this game is clearly cool. Steamopolis ist he perfect game for 3-4 players cause you try to get the best spots in the higher districts of the city which offer better actions. With 2 persons the game is a little bit „steamless“ but it will always remain in my little steampunk heart…

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My favourite game of the last few weeks is definitely Mythos Tales! This amazing game entered our top 5 board games straight away! I LOVE detective games and I’m also a big fan of H.P. Lovecraft’s Arkham. Combine those two and you get… Mythos Tales!

How to play? Every case you get an intro text and a newspaper. You’re looking for clues and visiting locations and suspects. Each case, there is a limited amount of time. When you are ready (of when you have no time left) you try to answer the questions in the book. You get points for every correct answer, which you compare to the points of your teacher, Armitage. But… you have to subtract points for every extra location you visited.

Why is my monthly favorite?
This game has the same gameplay as Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, but it has some horror elements in it, which I love! I won’t say we’re good at this game (because we’re not) but we end each case with actual victory points instead of -30, like in Sherlock Holmes CD… Also, each case is very different! So if you like detective games too, I highly recommend Mythos Tales!

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My favorite game of the month is: Chronicles of Crime (CoC), a cooperative game in which you put yourself in the shoes of a detective, trying to unravel the crimes that have been recently committed.

How to play? In this game the use of your mobile phone or tablet is indispensable: you need to scan every witness, every clue, every location you encounter with the CoC app in order to find out what has happened. Every scenario is different, with different kind of crimes, locations to visit and people to talk to.

Why is it my monthly favorite? I’m aware that lately a lot of ‘whodunnit’ games have been published, but what I find so absolutely great about CoC is the combination of 3D virtual reality and the use of physical boardgame components. Investigating crime scenes by using your phone to look around is such fun and helps you to really dive into the story! Also the fact that the time really passes by with every move you make, gives the game an extra dimension and makes it extra exciting! You can loose valuable time by talking to the wrong useless witnesses, while for example the criminal strikes again somewhere else. Is it obvious that I’m a huge fan and want to set up the game again for another thrilling adventure?

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